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Please check answers to the frequently asked questions

and information about the specific nature of estate proceedings

conducted by our Office.

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What is probate genealogy and what is the function of the Probate & Heir & Family Research Office GeneaTranslat?

Often enough estate proceedings require conducting genealogical research. It is because either the identity of the beneficiaries is known but their whereabouts unknown (testacy) or individuals entitled to share in an estate remain unknown (intestacy).

Beneficiaries can inherit by means of intestacy or testamentary succession, the decedent can also bequeath a part of his  assets to someone.

Why have you been contacted by our Office?

Based upon our knowledge of estate law regulations in different countries we determine who is entitled to inherit. Then  we start genealogical research intended to locate possible beneficiaries.

What will probate cost?

GENEATRANSLAT never charge the beneficiaries with any fees upfront.

Can an estate have debt?

An estate consists of its assets and liabilities (debts). 

How long does probate take?

The time frame of probate differs from case to case and depends on their complexity, number of beneficiiaries as well as on law regulations of the host country.

How is your share calculated?

Your share is always calculated under the estate distribution laws of the host country.

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